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Want to learn how to share faith within your home? FAITH5 stands

for "faith acts in the home" and outlines 5 steps to get you talking to your kids, grandkids, and other family members. 

The Living Lutheran online magazine has great blogs, spiritual formation resources, and interesting articles about what is going on within congregations and beyond. 

For anyone interested in a scholarly take on Christianity in today's world, browse Word and World, an online journal based out of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Looking for a daily dose of scripture? Check out Pray As You Go. This podcast is a narrated guide that helps you reflect on scripture. You'll hear a bit of music, a Bible passage, and some questions to get you thinking. It is available in the app store for free or through their website.

And here are the links for our local, national, and international bodies.

Evangelical Lutheran Church

in America

Lutheran World


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